Removal of your vehicles FAP Filter / DPF is a specialist process but following strict guidelines along with vast experience, results in an improved car with the added bonus it costs less than the price of a new high quality item which are typically around the £1000 plus mark! Plus fitting, plus potentially damaged sensors etc! On a Mercedes there’s not much change out of £3000!

What are the benefits?

Cheapest option,
No more reduced performance/limp mode,
No more engine management lights,
No more rejuvenation events,
Improved Economy,
Improved Turbo & Throttle Response,
Dramatic Improvement in Performance.

So what do we do then?

There are 2 elements to the process:

1: We physically remove the vehicles DPF filter, remove one of the end fitting and then remove the DPF “brick”. The end fitting is then welded back in place and the DPF filter re-fitted to the vehicle. The unit looks standard and does not cause any insurance issues or MOT issues.

2: Now that the DPF filter is gone we need to disable the electronic function in the ECU. We complete this with a comprehensive remap of the vehicles existing ECU, which provides you with substantial improvements in performance and economy along with a DPF free environment.

Word of warning…there are numerous companies now reporting to provide this service. Be very careful!

Many remove the DPF filter & CATALYTIC convertor. Great until you need an MOT.. it will fail and you’ll need to replace the cat which is very costly.

They do not, in many cases disable the DPF function via the ECU but simply fit a black box which fools the ECU!! And can result in incorrect enviroment signals being sent to the ecu and can reduce power and increase fuel economy.

QOUTE: "FREE DPF MOT" TO RECEIVE COMPLIMENTARY MOT - can be used on day of dpf removal or within 10 months.