Win a Remap!!

Win a Remap!!


You can gain up to 35% in BHP as well as TORQUE and save up to 20% on your fuel bills.

There are 3 mapping options available.

   1. Economy - this is a map designed to give you better fuel consumption with a moderate power increase.

  2. Mixed Race - this is a map to give a good amount of power and torque increase as well as fuel economy. This is the most popular and our recommended option.

  3. Full Race - every thing is maxed out purely for the petrol heads.

We also cater for people who tow and need more torque than bhp so your not having to change up and down gears so often.

All our work is carried out in house and is covered by a life time software guarantee.
Unlike any other tuning company in Hull our head office is located in Hull, we modify the software for your ecu in Hull and because were in Hull you can talk to the tuning specialist face to face before, after or even during the process of modifying your vehicle data. This allows us to offer a complete bespoke tuning package.

30 day money back guarantee!! Lifetime warranty on all our work!!