Please note following the electronic diagnostic test should we find a defect with the car that is not related to the remap that has affected the normal running behaviour of the engine this will be chargeable at £35+vat plus depending on location a mileage fee of £0.50 per mile. Why? Unfortunately as much as we would like our service to make your vehicle immune from normal defects, with or without a remap these are unavoidable and we have to cover our expenses and experience.

Following the 3 re-work attempts if you are still unhappy and we feel the vehicle is as it should be, we reserve the right to book your car in for a rolling road session to verify if a problem exists or not. Of course if the defect is apparent we will then put your vehicle back to standard and give you a full refund and in some cases compensation. Should no defect be found you will be charged for the rolling road session and a nominal fee to cover our time.